Construction management in Vilnius and Lithuania

Construction management is the supervision and control of processes at all stages of the construction of the building and during the construction itself. This includes planning, organizing works and monitoring their execution. In the preparatory activities, the deadlines for the preparation and harmonization of individual documents are important. 

The construction contractor can carry out part of the tasks and works at the same time and the other part of the work requires a consistent sequence of works. Construction management is carried out in accordance with all the laws governing this process.

Responsibilities of the construction manager 

Main responsibilities of construction managers: 

Project planning. All projects must be planned. This is an essential part of any project, especially in construction. The project manager must carefully plan the project so that all participants know how the project will be carried out.

Cost management. Construction costs are usually very high and should be handled with care so that the budget is not exceeded for the customer or the organization itself.

Time management. Construction projects are usually carried out for the client. Time is an essential aspect of construction, and its duration must be optimized. Before the project starts, the deadline is set and the customer must be satisfied and the project is successful.

Quality management. Quality standards need to be monitored and monitored very carefully. Construction involves building infrastructure for the general public, so quality standards are often set by the government and, if they are found to be unrealistic for the first time, some areas of the project will have to be re-run, which can take a long time. 

Contract administration. Contracts are a major part of any construction project. An organization that carries out a project for a client often has contracts with other organizations from which certain products or services are ordered. These contracts must be carefully managed and monitored. This is the responsibility of the construction manager.

Safety management. Safety plays a key role in construction. All persons working in the construction industry must attend special safety training and proficiency checks. The safety of the construction site and the construction project itself must be carefully monitored by the construction manager to avoid any further problems. 

Construction Management in Vilnius and Lithuania - Advantages of working with UAB Keista team

The construction management service provided by our company in Vilnius and Lithuania also includes the search for contractors and their qualification assessment, ensuring that all types of construction work are carried out professionally and responsibly by experienced contractors with qualified personnel. It is also important, before the construction begins, that the changes that may arise from the actions and instructions of the controlling state institutions are prepared promptly and qualitatively. 

As experienced construction management specialists, we know the deadlines for performing technical tasks, focusing on optimizing terms, and making quick adjustments that are unavoidable in the construction project. During the construction phase, we carry out construction control (maintenance on behalf of the project organization. 

At this stage, it is important to follow the project accurately, adhere to the technological construction and installation deadlines, as well as thoughtful design decisions based on the experience of construction experts. UAB Keista, as construction manager, protects the interests of the investor and the builder, performs all actions and decisions necessary for qualitative preparation for the construction process, compliance with normative terms and construction works at the site. 

Advantages of working with UAB Keista as construction manager:

One-stop-shop principle. Our team will take over the coordination and control of all construction work and subcontractors. 

Continuous monitoring. We regularly monitor the workflow on the site and immediately inform the client about the current status of the project. Our specialists will produce report templates and, depending on production needs, will report daily, weekly, and monthly reports reflecting key performance indicators. 

Engineering approach. Our team is based on industrial and civil engineering engineers with extensive experience in building large buildings and managing large projects. We check the adequacy of design solutions. In case of unforeseen circumstances, our team can offer other project variants, coordinate work with all contractors. 

Inefficient costs identification and offering the customer ways to optimize capital investments before approving working documents, which avoids additional costs. In addition, we can verify that the contractors are reliable and identify risks that may interfere with the quality of the construction work. 

Working with contracts and claims against contractors. Our team has solid experience in this field, which allows to maintain the discipline of contractors. JSC "Keista" determines the areas of responsibility of project participants, acts as an independent expert in resolving disputes regarding the scope and quality of construction works. In the case of outstanding contracts, our specialists help the client determine the subject matter and cause of the claim. 

Construction management in Vilnius and Lithuania is ensured by the following qualitative performance indicators:

 - compliance of the construction process and results with the technical regulation for construction and other relevant legislation, - targeted spending and transparency of financial processes, 

- implementation of design solutions at the construction stage, realization of all design parameters of the building, 

- ensuring high quality execution of all construction works. - fulfillment of planned project implementation deadlines and building up of the building in time. 

Our team's construction management in Vilnius and Lithuania is carried out according to the following basic principles:

- compliance with the terms of construction and its phases; - prevention of budget growth; 

- achievement of qualitative and quantitative parameters of the built building; 

- prevention of erroneous constructive and engineering solutions; 

- Controlling subcontractors compliance with subcontracting obligations. 

Our company team consists of experienced builders and construction managers with proper education, extensive construction management experience in large objects. 

Many of our partners appreciate the work of our company's managers and technical experts. We seek to maintain business relations for further cooperation and implementation of new projects. With new projects, we acquire new partners to ensure the growth of our company.